Areas We Cover

Matlock Area

Matlock has changed over the years and even Crown Square has changed with the introduction of the one way system over the bridge and the steep hills up Bank Road. Being rural you are never far away from open countryside. Only 20 minutes from Chesterfield and 40 minutes from Derby there is plenty of scope to learn town and City driving easily. The roads up to Wirksworth and Cromford and up the Via Gellia pose there own unique problems. The Road through Darley Dale to Rowsley and even the Road to Chesterfield through Two Dales all have something to offer when learing to Drive.

Chesterfield Area

Chesterfield is a small town that keeps changing as far as road safety is concerned. The round abouts on the A61 Dual carriageway from Horns Bridge to the Dronfield bypass have been Notorious, but with the new football ground and the new tesco the develeopment of the round about with the easy to follw lanes and traffic lights are a huge improvement.
The same cannot be said for the Whittington Moor round about, any learner driver confident with this round about is well on the way to test standard. Brimington common and all the various places around ASHGATE, including Loundsey Green, give plenty of scope for the learner to drive on. Being of a rural nature and close to the motorway there are a variety of roads and traffic conditions to learn on.

Clay Cross Area

The Clay Cross Area has also changed with the introduction of the new Tesco and the new road layout, with the new round about at the junction of the A61 and the A6175. Being of a rural nature it is ideal for country driving. Only 15 minutes from Chesterfield and Alfreton and 40 minutes from Derby, it is situated with easy acess for town and city driving. The road to North Wingfield and Grassmoor offer a different challange. The area around Pilsley and Hardwick are a test of the learner drivers awareness.

City Driving

There are different opportunities in Both Derby and Sheffield because of the nature of the nature of these Cities.They both have circular or ring roads and fast moving busy traffic, as well as congestion. Sheffield has it's tram system with silent carriages and tram lines with different signals. I always give the pupil the opportunity to drive in these cities before their tests to have a taste of the different traffic situations.